To declare His glory, display His grace & demonstrate His generosity

Sharing the faith

Scandinavia isn’t known for being especially religious or spiritual yet in recent weeks it’s made the news for good and, frankly, strange reasons.

“Sweden is not a religious country. At all. In fact, it is often described as one of the most secular countries in the world.”

Yet in Sweden, the government (who in any country are never really experts on the subject) recognised a new religion. Kopimism is all about file sharing and they have clothed it in the language of a church and gained official recognition. Thankfully as Marcus Cederstrom says,

“The acknowledgement as an official religion in Sweden is similar to incorporating a business. It’s an important step, yes, but it has a way to go to supplant the already established religions in Sweden.”

For those interested in learning some Swedish his post has some Swedish religious vocabulary.

Yet over in Norway, a different story has surprised secular observers; the Bible it seems is still a really popular book. For whatever reason, faith still has the ability to surprise. Perhaps in Scandinavia there will be some more faith stories that surprise in the future.


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