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Learning a new language

When it comes to moving country learning the new language is pretty important and I couldn’t express the ups and downs of it much better than this, from a guy learning Spanish in Bolivia.

“With my lessons I get very aware that when I’m doing a topic where the gap between what I already know and what I am trying to learn is too big, it can get frustrating and I need to go slow.

Then there is the guilt when I’ve not done my homework properly and don’t have a good reason, and the desire to make sure that the homework isn’t just going through the motions, but is a learning activity that I can make progress with. I find that I can easily be a lazy learner and not put enough hard work in outside lessons.

These are all things I want to bear in mind when I teach- how the students feel, their frustrations, guilt, also their laziness sometimes…

The other thing though is the massive sense of achievement I get when I realise I have learnt something new- a new phrase or rule- and I can use it in conversation! And be understood!” Read the whole thing here


It’s also important to remember that when people join a church it can often feel like they have to learn a whole new language too! There’s no need to dumb anything down but learning to communicate effectively is essential, especially in a culture that is losing its memory of Christianity.


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