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Swedish stereotypes?

The Swedish blog has a post on stereotypes of the Swedish. Here are a few of them:

“The Swedish looks. Blonde. Blue eyes. Tall. Beautiful. It seems to focus on women, but men are also included in this one.

There is the utopian society that suggests that every beneficial service is free and that the government takes care of your every whim.

How about the polar bears in the streets of Stockholm? Or the fact that Sweden is actually Switzerland?

The sing-songy language infamously stereotyped by the Swedish chef and his “Bork, bork, bork!” (That’s not Swedish by the way. Not at all.)”

Since going public and then actually moving here, I’ve heard them all. Especially that last one.

But the closing point is a good one and well worth remembering about whoever it is we’re building relationship with…

“So many people tend to stereotype because it’s easy. It’s easier to say that all Swedes drink. All Swedes are blonde. All Swedes are shy. That way we don’t have to think on an individual basis.  It’s an understandable reaction. The challenge is of course to overcome that and to not let those stereotypes define who we meet.”

What stereotypes have you heard about the Swedes? Most importantly the Gospel rejects easy stereotypes because everyone we meet is made in the image of God unique and uniquely valuable.


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