To declare His glory, display His grace & demonstrate His generosity

How much does it cost?


As we move it’s been interesting to observe the depth of knowledge my current country (UK) has about my prospective country (Sweden). The answer is, generally, not very deep. There is, though, a strong awareness that in Sweden buying a beer is one of the hardest things to do and something so expensive that it strikes fear into the heart of ale loving Brits.

So for those of you, and there are many, who are slightly mystified by the Swedes approach to buying a drink. This article should help.
The reality though hides something a little darker, and that is despite all the many good things about Scandinavia and the development of it’s societies there remains a dark side to the Swedes relations with alcohol. One of the side-effects of the Gospel is that we find something better, whose effects last longer, which costs less, gives more joy, and results in greater well-being.




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