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Stockholm Church Planting Conference: Part 1

So last week I was in Stockholm for a church planting conference which was good. It’s encouraging to know that there are churches in the city that are aware of the needs of the city and welcoming new churches. There are partners and friends already there. That’s good. I was encouraged by conversations with John van Dinther of New Life Church Stockholm and Andrew Thompson of Korskyryan Stockholm who made me feel welcome.

The conference itself was interesting, the speakers were John Burke of Gateway Church, Austin, Texas and author of a couple of books. John is a church planter himself and having worked at Willow Creek, laser sharp when it comes to leadership, focused strategy and building a significant and effective church that I guess could be characterised, ‘seeker sensitive’. I’m not sure that’s the most helpful definition but it’s one that is recognised and known. John also loves football/soccer and I can even forgive him for choosing Chelsea as his team. (John then went via a few other countries to speak in Bracknell at Kerith Community Church).

The other speaker was Craig Whitney from Emerging Leadership Initiative (ELI), who again was open friendly engaging and committed to church planting and been involved in multiple church plants.

I’ll post a bit more about the session content in another post but they had some good things to say and quite a few take home points to consider and reflect on.

It’ll be interesting to see exactly what comes out of the conference because no question there is a lot of work to do if they’re going to hit their stated goal of 50 new churches by 2020.


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