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Is Sweden losing it’s religion?

As I’ve surfed around looking for interesting things about Stockholm, I came across a blog written by an Englishman living in the city. He’s not a Christian and thinks it’s all nonsense. So it was very interesting to read the following observation…

“Having lived here a awhile now I would agree with the tag that Sweden is one of the most modern countries in the world but somewhere along the way it’s losing where it came from.”


“In its push to become the most modern country in the world Sweden is also leaving the church behind some what as well. Church attendance is lower than the UK and if this carries on I imagine in the not too far future people will walk past these churches and explain to the kids that “This is where the funny old people used to read mythology about a load of fellas following a guy with a beard around…”

What do you think is Sweden losing its religion?


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