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Stockholm Facts

Here are ten brief facts for you about Stockholm.

  1. It is the capital of Sweden
  2. It is the largest city in Scandinavia with a population of either 850,000; 1.2 million or 2 million depending on where you draw the line!
  3. It is known as the Venice of the North
  4. Mostly because it covers 14 islands and borders both the Baltic Sea and Lake Malaren
  5. It is a global city. 23rd in the world to be precise
  6. Stockholm was founded in 1250AD by Birger Jarl
  7. It once saw temperatures as low as -32°
  8. Don’t worry it also a high of 36°!
  9. It is one of the cleanest cities in the world and won European Green Capital for 2010
  10. It’s great for culture vultures with over 100 museums!

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